Have you ever desired to grow your own fruits and vegetables?

Well, now you can. It's easy! We are happy to teach you how, from start to finish.

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Free Haven Educational Farms

We grow delicious produce and specialize in educating you and your loved ones on how to Grow Your Own.

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  • Grow Your Own Study Group

    Learn to grow your own food, receive free seeds to grow your library, parley with other growers, and ask us everything!

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  • Food

    Our beloved teas, hot sauce, and kale chips are handmade and created with love.

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  • Merch

    Hoodies, hats, shirts, and mugs! When you need your favorite farm's apparel, we got you covered!

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About Us

  • Consultations

    Need a hand jumpstarting your green thumb and home garden? We're happy to help you! Let's grow together.

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  • Books

    Have you been wondering what it takes to farm and live self sufficiently? Crack open this book for ALL the answers.

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  • Courses

    We teach guided farm and garden courses led by husband and wife, Farmacist Micaiah and Dr. Cynthia Hall.

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