Grow Your Own Garden Club (VIP Access)

Get in the club AND GET A PACK OF SEEDS EVERY WEEK FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. We're starting in November 2021. You can join and pay by the month, every 6-month, or annually. This is the club that will get you growing and cutting your grocery bill in 2022. You have to start now!!

Monthly Subscription w/Seed Packs: $80/month

6-month Subscription w/Seed Packs: $60/month, Billed at $360 every 6 months

12-month Subscription w/Seed Packs: $50/month, Billed at $600 every year

Grow Your Own Garden Club

Our Grow Your Own Garden Class was so successful that our students want more! They didn't want our meetings to end and neither did we. So we're going to keep it going. Join our Grow Your Own Garden Club to meet with us every week, starting in November, to get some game on gardening and growing your own food and connect with other growers. Join now to take advantage of our Early Bird Sale!

Monthly Subscriptions ($50) : ($40/month)


This is a one-time, 3-hour virtual workshop on How to Start a Farm and Make Money Through Farming. We will be showing you the ins and outs of the farm business and how to tap into this lucrative and essential business.

We'll be meeting on Zoom on Saturday, October 30th 5pm-8pm EST. The link will be provided just before the start of class.

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We'll be diving into topics such as:

  • Writing a farm business plan
  • Sharing our resources for funding, credit, insurance, etc.
  • Identifying cash crops to grow
  • Developing farm products
  • Building a brand, marketing and promotions

We're sharing our secrets in this workshop. But it's not really a secret. There's a wealth of information and resources out there but it's been largely hidden. We've been through this process to build a successful farm operation and beyond and want to lift the veil on this industry.

There's billions of dollars made available to farms and farm businesses every year that you can tap into. There's even more money made every year by farmers and people in the agro-business. We're encouraging more people to not just grow their own food but to start making supplemental income through agriculture and maybe even pursue as a full-time venture. There's information in here for everyone!

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Grow Your Own Food/Grow Your Own Funds Bundle

Sign up now to get into the Grow Your Own Garden Class AND Farmanomics and save $$$$.

GROW YOUR OWN GARDEN CLASS: Our class began on Tuesday, September 28th but you'll be able to join our last 2 weeks and will get recordings of the first 2 sessions. This is the only way to get into this current class!

Join our weekly Garden Class where we'll be meeting live on Zoom to show you how to grow your own food, regardless of where you live. Our classes will teach you everything you need to know to grow food successfully. We're covering soil science, planting in various spaces (containers, raised beds, etc.), maintaining your garden space, harvesting, and more! We'll be focusing on planting in fall and preparing for winter.

FARMANOMICS: This is a one-time, 3-hour virtual workshop on How to Start a Farm and Make Money Through Farming. We will be showing you the ins and outs of the farm business and how to tap into this lucrative and essential business.

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Free Haven Fire Sauce

Order our World Famous Free Haven Fire Sauce. Our hot sauce is handmade in small batches using our own Free-Haven-grown hot peppers. This hot sauce is only available once a year and sells out each time.

Kale Krispy Treats

We harvested our farm fresh, organically-grown kale to create a healthy and raw snack. Our kale chips are seasoned and then dehydrated, which means that they're never cooked or baked and maintain the highest level of nutrients.

An order of Kale Krispie Treats comes with 2-32 oz. containers of chips, one of each of our two flavors: Zesty, Garlic and Sweet, Maple.

Mullein Leaf Tea

Our mullein leaf kit is a part of our Free Haven Farms Wild Medicinal collection. The kit comes with 10 pre-made bags of mullein leaf tea, a package of bulk loose mullein leaf, directions for steeping tea, and information about the healing properties of this wild and native plant. Get your respiratory system right! The natural way.

Mullein leaf tea kit


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Free Haven Educational Farms is a special place, for many different reasons. Supplying healthy produce to the community, especially those places we see affected most because of lack of access to healthy food, is our primary objective.

What we've been able to find is that in these communities, providing the food is only addressing maybe half of the issue. Creating the long term improvements we are hoping to see, we realized that we would have to focus on education, the youth, the elders, and everyone in between. We have been able to focus on collaborations that can help us achieve our goal. We were going to have to make ourselves extremely accessible, and in a lot of cases, bring it to the people. Bring them the food, the education, the awareness, the opportunities.
There are now few black farmers, and even fewer that are interested in educating their community, building bridges instead walls. What we are seeking is financial backing through the ones that are in support of the unique work we do. Finances to expand and continue the work of taking care of those that need it the most first......