Our Story

Free Haven Farms was established in 2017 in Lawnside, N.J. Lawnside is a suburban community, located in Camden County; not exactly where most people would expect to find a farm. But Micaiah had a vision before the couple purchased their home in Cynthia's hometown to create a homestead farm where they could raise their children and also be able to show others in their community how to grow their own food. Our location allows us and our produce to be accessible to our community. We started out in 2017 by operating a farmer's market on site on Sundays. This year, in 2018, we've been distributing our produce using a CSA model and providing educational experiences on and off the farm.

Meet the Team

Free Haven Farms is a homestead farm owned and operated by husband and wife, Micaiah and Cynthia Hall.

Micaiah Hall

Owner and Farmer

Micaiah Hall is the farmer and visionary behind Free Haven Farms. He's been growing food since he was a young boy in Connecticut and is the former Farm Director of Mill Creek Farm in Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Cynthia Hall

Co-owner and Soil Scientist

Dr. Cynthia Hall is an Environmental Geochemist and Associate Professor at West Chester University. She received her BS in Chemistry from Howard University and Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from Georgia Tech.