Garden Design

Have your home grocery store garden designed specifically to meet your needs and grow the most out of your space. We have food systems that will produce an abundance of food for you and yours for the entire grow season. It doesn't matter your situation. If you have absolutely no dirt, or if you have a big yard, even if you have to grow indoors, or in containers, we will provide you with a garden blueprint and a step-by-step manual of how to build it and make it grow.

Garden Design

Raised beds, vertical towers, hydroponic systems, in-ground, and container gardens...we design them all! We will also design a compost system, provide a seasonal planting guide, and design your irrigation.  This service also comes with a soil test and analysis. Initial in-person consultation included.

Cost: Raised beds and in-ground - $400; Container - $300

Garden Installation

We install gardens too! With our installation service, you get everything that's included in a garden design plus....
  • Implementation of raised bed, vertical tower, or in ground grow systems.
  • Border fencing, planting of seeds and seedlings, recording of lessons taught at your space.
  • Extra seeds, hand tools and other needed supplies.
  • Planting guide for entire season for your particular location.
  • Includes two in-person trips, 12-18 hours of labor and education.

Cost: $2,000*

*Pay all at once or put a down-payment to get started and pay in monthly installments

Please contact us prior to purchase,

Hydroponic Systems

We install hydroponic systems as well. We will design and install your hydroponic system to allow you to grow food indoors, all year round!

Cost: $1,500 - $2,000 (labor only, cost of materials is additional), depending on the type and size of the system. Please contact us prior to purchase,