Grown Your Own Campaign Fundraiser

This year, our End of the Year Fundraiser is going to be raising money for a new campaign that we're launching, the Grow Your Own Campaign. This fundraiser is virtual and will be hosted on Instagram Live through our page @freehavenfarms, free to attend. The mission of the Grow Your Own Campaign is to raise money to build "home grocery stores", gardens, for 25 families in need. Recipients will receive a garden at their residence designed, installed, with assisted maintenance from Free Haven Farms. In addition, they will receive education through our classes, courses, and curricula on how to grow their own food and maintain their new gardens.

During our IG Live Virtual Fundraiser, we will have several raffle items available, we'll be playing a trivia game with prizes for the winners, and showing a slide show of pictures and videos of our 2020 season. That day will be the launch of a new Grow Your Own line of merchandise that will support this fundraiser. We will also be hosting a talent and business showcase to allow our friends and supporters to promote and share their talents and/or small businesses.

All proceeds from the event will benefit our nonprofit organization, FHISA, Inc. (Free Haven Institute for Science and Agriculture, Inc.),  Grow Your Own  Campaign. Join us on Instagram Live @freehavenfarms on Sunday, December 27th 7-9pm EST.