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Free Haven Farms

2023 Workshop Series

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March 25th Workshop Rained OUT! New Date is Saturday, April 1st, 1-3pm

The 2023 workshop series is here! Join us for our monthly workshop series at Free Haven Farms. We will be hosting in-person workshops at Free Haven Farms, located at 105 Williams Street, Lawnside, NJ, teaching all of the fundamentals of planting and growing your own food.

***Virtual Option NOW Available***

Virtual attendees will receive a recording of the option and a free gift/service associated with each workshop.

The topics for our workshop series, starting in March and going through August, are listed below. Exact dates throughout the season are TBD. We generally host workshops on either Saturday or Sunday in the afternoon.

For our first workshop on April 1st, 1-3pm, on Soil, bring a soil sample and get your soil tested on-site and receive instant results. Using a shovel or hand trowel, take a sample of soil from your garden or yard (where you plan to grow) down to 6 inches and place in a plastic sandwich bag. Samples must be brought in a plastic bag as our instrument can measure through plastic but not through glass or paper. 

**In-person attendees will also receive FREE SEEDLINGS!!! Get some starter plants (all organic and non-GMO, of course) for your spring garden.**

***Virtual attendees can mail their soil samples to:

Free Haven Farms, 105 Williams Street, Lawnside, NJ 08045. All samples MUST be received by March 25, 2023. We will be conducting soil testing throughout the week of March 13 - 25 ONLY. 

  • Soil science - nutrients, contaminants, and how to build healthy soil (April 1st, 1-3pm EST)
  • Planting and Crop Protection - planting spring crops and protecting your crops (April)
  • Fencing - building fences and trellis systems (May)
  • Planting - mid-season, summer planting and container gardens (June)
  • Harvesting - how and when to harvest your crops for maximum production (July)
  • Change of season - transitioning from summer to fall, planting, composting and more (August)

Our workshops will be limited to 10 people. The drop-in rate for each workshop is $125 and includes the hands-on workshop and tour of Free Haven Farms. 

Workshops are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Get your spot today and make 2023 the year of true growth!!