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Free Haven Farms

GGOAT hoodie

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Pre-order your G.G.O.A.T. hoodie today! Hoodie drops on 01/20/22.

We're paying homage to our inspiration, George Washington Carver, by honoring him with this hoodie. We've deemed him the Greatest Grower of All Time, G.G.O.A.T. The lessons and legacy of Carver serves as our guide here at Free Haven Farms. We take his teachings to heart and they have motivated us every step of the way.

Now you have the opportunity to represent this great man. We intentionally left his name off of the hoodie. That means that every time you wear it and someone asks you about it, you have the chance to say his name and educate someone about his work. We don't think that George Washington Carver gets the respect and recognition that he deserves and this hoodie is one way that we can contribute to the continuation of his life and legacy.

Hoodie releases on January 20, 2022. All orders will be shipped out after that date. Very limited supply available. Order yours today!