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Free Haven Farms

Living Soil Masterclass Series

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Join us for a MASTERCLASS series on soil with Dr. Cynthia Hall.

This is the class series that you need to take your growing to the next level. Soil is the foundation of every growing system. Understanding and developing healthy, living, vital soil is absolutely vital for anyone that want to grow food and live a healthier lifestyle. Classes start on February 3 and we'll meet every Thursday at 9pm EST in February.

Dr. Cynthia Hall has been studying soil for over 20 years and has 14 years of university teaching experience. Her ability to teach complicated scientific concepts in a way that even young children can understand is truly a gift. You're going to be ready to teach a class after taking this class. She's not just a scientist but also an experienced grower and understands how soil is used for growing in a practical way. Most professors don't have that level of experience. It's the best of both worlds!!

For a limited time, this class series includes a Soil Analysis Consultation for the when you register. Sign up now for this class and you will be able to collect a soil sample, mail it us, have Dr. Hall analyze it, then meet with her over Zoom to discuss the results. This cost $150 on its own! Plus you're going to get 4 classes of this Masterclass series. You also get the Toxic Soil lecture and Farmalosophy E-book download. 

Class will take place on Zoom starting on Thursday, February 3rd at 9pm EST.