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Free Haven Farms

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 It's Giving Tuesday!!

Help us do more in our community with a donation this holiday season. We're raising money specifically for 3 programs:

  • General Education Fund: These funds support our workshops, courses, and curricula. =$2,000
  • Summer Camp Scholarship: Our goal is to offer 20 scholarships to youth from Lawnside, Camden, and Philadelphia to attend our summer camp at no cost. =$5,000
  • Fresh Box Sponsorship: We aim to offer 10 Fresh Box Subscriptions to families in South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn. =$5,760

Our Fundraising Goal for Giving Tuesday = $12,760


Free Haven Farms was established in 2017 by Micaiah and Dr. Cynthia Hall in Lawnside, NJ. The vision of Free Haven Farms was to grow high quality, chemical-free produce and provide access to underserved communities. We immediately realized that education was just as if not more important than the produce itself and we developed educational programs such as our Summer Science Camp, in-school garden programs, and courses and workshops that teach people the various aspects of growing food.

Our Impact

Since 2017, we’ve had the ability to serve food and education in a number of ways:

  • šHosted ~150 youth at the farm for Summer Science Camp
  • šServed locally grown produce to over 600 customers, including nationwide shipping
  • šTaught ~200 people various aspects of gardening/farming during in-person workshops at the farm
  • šReached over 1000 people globally through virtual classes, webinars, workshops
  • šGrown social media presence to over 106,000 followers on Instagram


Future Growth

Summer camp, courses, and Fresh Box programs have been successful but require direct customer sales, which can be unpredictable, especially with inflation and impending recession. We’re pivoting our business model:

  • šTo focus primarily on educational programs, including free courses and workshops;
  • šTo grow food as a means of educating;
  • šTo sell available crops to Virtua and possibly another wholesale purchaser;
  • šTo establish a community garden program at Free Haven Farms

Your donation will help!

  • Our goal is to raise $50,000 for the 2023 season.
  • Re-directing our business will take time and require us to scale back on production.
  • Donations will allow us to focus our attention to re-structuring our business.
  • Funds will support the community garden program with supplies and resources to develop and build.
  • Programs, such as free youth events, workshops, and webinars will be supported by these funds.

 To make a tax free donation, visit our non-profit page at and share our fundraiser with your network. We appreciate you, many thanks in advance.

With gratitude,

Free Haven Farms Team