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Free Haven Farms

Donate to Free Haven Farms

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Help Keep Free Haven Farms Open.

Over the past 11 years we have worked tirelessly here to serve underserved communities. With our talents to grow food and educate, we have been able to help thousands get access to healthy organic food, and most importantly, information and education. 

We started our urban agriculture movement in Philadelphia over 10 years ago. We expanded to Camden County, New Jersey, and because of the internet and social media platforms, we have acquired a worldwide reach. 

We have seen how our lessons have impacted thousands, educating and motivating people to build a stronger relationship with their food, nature, and their health. We have been able to give sustainable and attainable solutions to make these life improvements a reality. 
We want to continue our work and expand in the days ahead here at Free Haven Farms. We want to offer more free educational programs, add onto our team so we can create more content to help more people grow. 

Full disclosure, we have had our share of challenges, and this year has been one of the worst for us financially as a business and as a family. We are still learning, growing and adapting to the fast changing world of entrepreneurship. 
We need to raise funds to continue the operations of Free Haven Farms. We have a sustainable plan that will keep growing once it's rooted, but we need your help to get us rooted, so we can give more fruits of our labor. We need our "Grow your own" garden classes in every school. We need our Farmanomics course in every University. We need Farmalosophy to be a book that everyone has access to.

We have some much work to do and we feel as if we're only getting started. Unfortunately, right now we can't keep Free Haven Farms going without your support.
Anything you can donate to our nonprofit organization will help us keep doing our work at Free Haven Farms to feed people that need it the most.

To make a tax free donation, visit our non-profit page at and share our fundraiser with your network. We appreciate you, many thanks in advance.

With gratitude,

Free Haven Farms Team