Soil Testing Kits

The first step to creating a growing space is getting your soil right. If you're planting in the ground or even making a raised bed, you'll need to know what's in your soil. We offer a soil testing kit to get you started on creating the safest and healthiest garden for you and your family.

Soil Testing

Our soil testing provides a comprehensive list of the heavy metals present in your soil and the relative abundance of each. We will help you determine if your soil is healthy and safe for growing vegetables. If it isn't, we can provide some remediation options that will help to return your soil back to optimal quality. Your test kit comes with a hand trowel to collect your sample, bags for collecting, a pre-paid return envelope, and a 30-minute consultation with Dr. Cynthia Hall to discuss your analysis and recommendations for improving your soil quality. This new feature will help you to understand your results and what you can do to optimize your growing space.

Our soil testing kits are available to anyone in the US. We will ship you the testing kit, and after collecting your samples, you'll send us your samples back through the mail. After we perform the soil testing, we'll contact you to schedule your 30-minute consultation to discuss your results.