'Members-Only' Subscription

Our Fresh Box Subscribers not only have exclusive access to the organic, high-quality produce that we grow at Free Haven Farms, but they also get a weekly newsletter with loads of info, recipes, tips, and more. Now, our Fresh Box subscribers also get exclusive access to our limited deals, like cooked collards and vegan blueberry muffins, that we prepare with our own produce, of course. Now anybody can gain access to our newsletters and exclusive deals with a Free Haven Farms Subscription!

For just $15/month, you can support Free Haven Farms and  get exclusive access to deals that we only previously gave to our Fresh Box Subscribers. We'll be hosting tours, workshops and courses that will be available at a discount for our subscribers. This 'Members-Only' access come with a wealth of benefits, including joining a community of like-minded individuals. Get yours today to take full advantage of all of our products and services.